Electrified BMW M car to debut in 2022, alongside M3 Touring, new M2, and many more

Electrified BMW M car to debut in 2022, alongside M3 Touring, new M2, and many more

BMW M GmbH will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in May 2022. 

In conjunction with that, many interesting things have been planned ahead of the celebration, one of it being the introduction of the first electrified high-performance BMW M car in 2022.

BMW M GmbH will introduce an electrified M car in 2022.

The announcement was made in a press release by BMW, albeit without specifying which M car it would be.

Besides an electrified M car, BMW M GmbH has also planned for the following in 2022:

1. BMW Motorsport Emblem

The BMW Motorsport emblem will be used on "M" and "M Sport" cars manufactured from March 2022

Special BMW Motorsport emblems for customers who purchase an “M” car or an “M Sport” car manufactured from March 2022.

This unique offer will be made available for order starting Januray 2022.

2. 50 iconic and historical paint finishes

Selected models (M and M Sport) will be offered in Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red or Frozen Marina Bay Blue.

3. The BMW M3 Touring will launch in 2022

Various photoshop renders of the M3 Touring have been created

Much anticipated by BMW fans world wide, the BMW M3 Touring will finally become a reality in 2022.

4. A special version of the BMW M4 Coupe will launch in 2022

The 7-seater provides massive luggage space with both rows folded down

And by special, BMW M GmbH means performance-oriented. Let’s see how that will turn out.

5. A BMW M2 successor is underway

Highly successful, a successor of the BMW M2 is also in plans in conjunction with BMW M GmbH’s 50th anniversary next year.

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