GMD iSTream EQuadricycle previewed- Gordon Murray shows how affordable EVs are made

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  • GMD iSTream EQuadricycle previewed- Gordon Murray shows how affordable EVs are made

GMD ISTream EQuadricycle Previewed- Gordon Murray Shows
How Affordable EVs Are Made

At the 2021 CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) exhibition, Gordon Murray Design (GMD) is previewing the GMD iSTream eQuadricycle platform.
GMD’s iSTream process is a revolution in high-volume automotive manufacturing. The iStream process is holistic in its cradle-to-grave approach, it combines lightweight Formula One technology, low-carbon propulsion, excellent safety standards and unprecedented manufacturing flexibility.
Using iStream’s manufacturing processes can reduce the overall weight of a typical family car by over 20%.
It reduces the number of components needed to make up body panels by over 50%, while delivering more rigidity which has benefits for safety, refinement and chassis dynamics, and outstanding durability.
The iStream eQuadricycle platform is technically classified as a Quadricycle. However, it does meet up to safety regulations required of a passenger car. An example of a car that is based on this platform is the GMD iSTream MOTIV that has been previewed last year.
Initially shown as a sports car platform, GMD’s iSTream has expanded its portfolio into mass vehicle design as shown through the iStream eQuadricycle.
Key highlights of the iStream process are:
It employs Formula One technology with all of its benefits and none of its prohibitive costs
Jean-Philippe Launberg, Strategy and Business Director of Gordon Murray Design said, “There are also many benefits outside of the automotive sector and we are now in advanced discussions with aviation companies looking at next-generation electric cargo drones and light aircraft. It enables production efficiencies which are not usual in that industry. Our iStream technologies will be perfectly suited to their future plans.”
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