Used Renault Zoe EVs are selling for RM 50k – Bargain EV or foolish investment?

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  • Used Renault Zoe EVs are selling for RM 50k – Bargain EV or foolish investment?

Used Renault Zoe EVs are selling for RM 50k - Bargain EV or foolish investment?

New EVs in Malaysia cost at least RM 181k, with the Nissan Leaf being the entry-level model. But if you didn’t mind buying a used EV, things could get a whole lot cheaper with the Renault Zoe starting at RM 50,000, sold by COMOS.
Photo: COMOS
Upon its launch in Malaysia in 2016, price of the Renault Zoe was RM 145,888. At RM 50,000, about a third of its value is still left.

Used Renault Zoe Overview

Motor 5Agen2
Max. power 87 PS
Max. torque 220 Nm
0-100 km/h 13.5 s
Top speed 135 km/h
Battery capacity 22 kWh
Range (NEDC) 210 km
AC charging 7 kW
DC Fast Charging Not equipped
7kW AC charge 0-100% 4 hours
3.6 kw AC charge 0-100% 9 hours
According to COMOS, the used Renault Zoes are inclusive of:
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Let’s look at some of the important things about the used Renault Zoe EVs sold by COMOS…
1. They Are Ex-Rental Units
The first thing to note that the used Renault Zoe EVs in Malaysia are ex-rental units from COMOS. They used to be adorned with COMOS stickers and used to go for RM144/day rental rates. I’ve even tried this rental service before, albeit at a discounted price.

List of Renault Zoe available:

WC8095F WC7811K WC7989K WC9420J
Black White White White
Mileage ~20,000 km Mileage ~32,000 km Mileage ~30,000 km Mileage ~10,000 km
RM50,000 RM50,000 RM50,000 RM60,000
Being an ex-rental car, do expect less than perfect TLC. Mileage of these units, however, is surprisingly low. It’s a good thing for those looking to buy a used unit, but it also hints at the low response towards the EV rental service.
2. This Renault Zoe Batch Only Comes With AC Charging
AC charging only
The batch of Renault Zoe used by COMOS is only capable of AC charging. At best, a 4-hour charging time from 0-100% is possible with 7-kW AC charging. With 3.6-kW AC charging, it takes 9 hours to charge the 22-kWh battery from 0 to 100%.
3. With Short Range, It Is Best Used As A City Car Only
Not much range left at 50%
The Renault Zoe has a 210-km NEDC range. That’s really not much considering how easy it is to get high mileage ratings in the NEDC cycle.
Its real-world range is less than 200 km, and given that the used units are at least 5 years old, do expect the range to be even less. Pair that with its lack of DC Fast charging capability, and the Renault Zoe is not a car you’d want to do a grand tour with.
It is, however, great for daily urban driving as you can charge the car at night. The used units by COMOS all come with a 3.6 kW wall box that you can install at your home.
4. The Renault Zoe’s Design Is From 2012
Not that we know the exact year of make of the used units sold in Malaysia, but it is a good idea to note the age of design of the Renault Zoe.
Coming from 2012, it will feel dated and bland next to the average city car (Honda City, Toyota Vios, Perodua Ativa, etc.) in term of interior looks and amenities.
I’d say on the inside, it just feels like a second-generation Perodua Myvi 1.3.
Photo: COMOS
But if that’s something you can live with, more power to you. It is after all, a budget EV.
Fabric upholstery. Photo : COMOS
But if that’s something you can live with, more power to you. It is after all, a budget EV.
5. An Only “Technically Possible” Battery Upgrade
COMOS does highlight an advantage of a possible battery upgrade for the rather small 22-kWh battery pack. Yes, newer Renault Zoes do offer a 52-kWh battery pack, but swapping it out is not so simple as changing the 12V battery.
Take this with a spoon of salt. It’s like telling your mate he can fit a VR38DETT into his Naza Ria. “Technically possible”, but chances of execution are very low.
A battery swap (battery + labour) would cost more than a used Renault Zoe.
6. Not All EVs Are Equal
No frunk here
Yes, EVs have instantaneous torque and can be fun to drive, but they’re not all equal. Driving experience in the Renault Zoe is so-so. It’s zippy, definitely, but not something that would etch a memory in your mind.
With a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 13.5 seconds, the Renault Zoe is slower than a Proton Persona.
Photo: COMOS
Rear door handle of the Renault Zoe
By the end of 2021, we would have 6 choices of brand-new EVs in Malaysia – the Nissan Leaf, Porsche Taycan, BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW iX3, and MINI Cooper SE.
The BMW i3 is no longer available. All cars fetch a rather hefty price with the Nissan Leaf being the cheapest at RM 181k.
A used Renault Zoe is the only EV you can get for less than RM80k (budget car territory).
The lack of DC fast charging and its short range from an aging battery can be a turn off, but if you just want to have one for the sake of having an EV, some units are available for sale. You can check them out on the COMOS website.
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