While we guzzle diesel, Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks conquer Swiss roads

So, it seems that Hyundai has been working on some hydrogen trucks in Switzerland through a joint venture with H2 energy, a Swiss company. The result of the collaboration is Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) which leases the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck.

And so far, with 446 hydrogen fuel cell trucks, a collective mileage of more than 1 million kilometers has been achieved within 11 months. That’s all by travelling on Swiss roads. Good stuff.

Hyundai claims that during the 11-month period, the fleet has reduced CO2 emissions by over an estimated 630 tons, compared to diesel-powered vehicles.

The trucks are leased on a pay-per-use basis which includes the hydrogen supply as well. So, no large initial investments for the companies that lease. So far, XCIENT clients are 25 Swiss companies in logistics, distribution and supermarket fulfilment

With hydrogen not being such a popular choice for automotive alternative energy, Hyundai only expects to grow the fleet to 1,600 units by 2025.

Hyundai Nexo

More than just trucks, Hyundai Motor Company has set an annual sales goal of 110,000 fuel cell electric vehicles worldwide by 2025, under its ‘Strategy 2025’ plan. Hyundai Motor Group plans to ramp up production capacity for hydrogen-powered vehicles to 500,000 units by 2030.

Arif Chan
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