Set for 2022, Turkey’s first national car (TOGG) shows off EV SUV body assembly

On 18 July, Turkey’s very own car brand called TOGG (Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu) showcased its EV C-segment SUV body assembly on social media, boasting the fact that it is assembled with 100% of the parts produced in Turkey. It is also fully designed by experts in Turkey.

TOGG offers other mobility solutions too, but that’s a story for another day.

Body of the C-SUV is 100% Turkish. Photo: Anadolu Agency

Its first car, as the social media posts suggest, will be a C-segment SUV aimed to start production in 2022.It will also be fully electric with either a single-motor RWD or dual-motor AWD configuration. Each motor is capable of 202 PS.


TOGG was founded as a joint venture in 2018 and has announced its planned models including a C-segment SUV (2022) and a C-segment saloon (2024). There are also plans for a C-segment hatchback, B-segment SUV, and a C-segment MPV – all electric.


Not many details are available yet, but this is what we know so far of the upcoming Turkish electric SUV:

  1. Two battery sizes are mentioned. One capable of 300+km and another 500+km
  2. At its highest DC fast charging rate, 80% charge can be achieved in 30 minutes
  3. The car will be equipped with Level 2+ autonomous driving
  4. TOGG’s cars should be ready for “Level 3 and beyond” autonomous driving transformation
  5. The AWD version will do 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds while the RWD version will do it in 7.6 seconds
  6. It will be equipped with 7 airbags

As for Lithium-ion batteries, TOGG has formed a strategic partnership in October 2020 with Farasis to supply its future EVs. Farasis is a Chinese energy company founded in 2002 that has established JVs with the likes of Daimler and Geely.

The partnership between TOGG and Farasis also entails battery cell R&D.

TOGG Sedan Concept 1
TOGG Sedan Concept 1

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