Right-hand drive Ora Good Cat now in Malaysia- Launching soon?

Right-hand drive Ora Good Cat now in Malaysia- Launching soon?

Several right-hand drive units of the Ora Good Cat electric car (CBU from China) are now in Malaysia, suggesting a rather possible launch in the near future.

Available for viewing at Go Auto’s showroom in Glenmarie, this might just be the cheapest EV one can own in Malaysia. All units shown in these images are Thai-spec, but CBU from China, as the Rayong plant in Thailand has not yet started producing the Ora Good Cat.

RHD Ora Good Cat in Malaysia with a beige interior

Previously, we have had the chance of seeing the Ora Good Cat up close at KLCC “Tindakan Pembangunan Bumiputera” event, albeit in a left-hand-drive version that was made for the Chinese market (LHD, CBU from China, and equipped with a GB/T-type electric socket).

RHD unit with a dark green interior
RHD Ora Good Cat in Malaysia

The right-hand drive Ora Good Cat is Thai-specced, where it is sold in three variants – 400km Tech, 400km Pro, and 500km Ultra. Go Auto Sdn Bhd has said that there are plans for making CKD Ora Good Cats in Malaysia.

Variant Price (Thai) RM (direct conversion)
400 km Tech 989,000 baht RM123,103
400 km Pro 1.059 million baht RM131,795
500 km Ultra 1.199 million baht RM149,174

We’ve asked Go Auto representatives (during the earlier  event in KLCC) regarding the variants that will be offered in Malaysia, and they told us that only the 500-km variant will be sold. We do not know whether the answer still stands true today.

RHD Ora Good Cat in Malaysia

According to representatives  from Go Auto Sdn Bhd , the Ora Good Cat is expected to sell in Malaysia at a price ranging between RM 130,000 to RM 160,000.

A dark green RHD unit is also in Malaysia

So, the Ora Good Cat is a 145 PS/210 Nm electric car that has recently been launched in Thailand in three variants starting from 989,000 baht (RM123,103).


Now equipped with CCS2 socket

In Thailand, the variant names are self-explanatory enough, stating the 400-km and 500-km range of the respective variants. The 400 km variants get a 47.8-kWh battery pack while the 500-km variant gets a 63.1-kWh battery pack.

Over in Thailand, the Ora Good Cat comes with a 5-year/150,000-km warranty and an 8-year EV battery warranty.

RHD unit in Dark Green

Reported many times over, the Ora Good Cat does have some Porsche connection, thanks to the fact that former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta was in charge of designing the Ora Good Cat.

LHD unit displayed in KLCC

Despite the adorable looks, the Ora Good Cat is not an Axia-sized car. Instead, it is closer to the size of a Honda HR-V. Or if we’re talking EVs only, this is pretty close to a Hyundai Kona Electric.

Ora Good Cat Honda HR-V
Length 4,235 mm 4,334 mm
Width 1,825 mm 1,772 mm
Height 1,596 mm 1,605 mm

On the inside, the Ora Good Cat gets a futuristic-looking cabin with funky-coloured upholstery, a panoramic roof  and a large 17.25-inch digital display spanning half-way across the dashboard (10.25-inch infotainment screen & 7-inch digital cluster)

An interesting feature on the inside is an infra red sensor that detects if the driver is not paying attention and warns the driver.

Infrared sensor detects if driver is not paying attention
LHD unit displayed in KLCC

Specifications-wise, the Ora Good Cat actually offers a decent amount of performance and a decent charging speed.

Ora Good Cat
(400km Tech, Pro)
Ora Good Cat
(500km Ultra)
Max. Power Output 143 PS 143 PS
Max. Torque 210 Nm 210 Nm
Battery Capacity 47.788 kWh 63.139 kWh
Range (NEDC) 400 km 500 km
AC Charging 6.6 kW 6.6 kW
AC Charging time
8 hours 10 hours
DC Fast Charging 60 kW 60 kW
DC Fast Charging time
32 min 40 min
DC Fast Charging time
46 min 60 min

The Ora Good Cat also gets a full suite of ADAS, just to top things off.

With Porsche-like looks and pretty decent specifications, this might just be the perfect “budget” EV for Malaysians.

LHD unit displayed in KLCC

Previously only seen in left-hand drive guise, seeing a right-hand drive version of the Ora Good Cat certainly makes us a little more optimistic on the possibility of its launch in Malaysia.

LHD unit displayed in KLCC
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