Render: Gemballa Marsien imagined with Rothmans livery

Render: Gemballa Marsien imagined with Rothmans livery

A spaceship-like off-roading Porsche might have popped up in your feed recently. It is the Gemballa Marsien – a tribute to the OG Porsche 959 rally car.

If you’ve heard the Gemballa name before, the Marsien (French for Martian) is brought to you by the second generation of the family, Marc Philipp Gemballa (son of Uwe Gemballa), through his new company, Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH.


Sounds unnecessarily confusing and bizarre? That’s not unexpected of anything to do with Gemballa.

Aptly named the Marsien (French for Martian)

So, this is not something officially from Porsche.


It is based on the Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S and has been rebodied with carbon fibre.


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With the Touring Package (left) and without

The 3.8-litre flat-6 Twin Turbo Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S engine has been blessed by the engineers at RUF to produce 750 PS of power and 930 Nm of torque (increase 100 PS &130 Nm from factory tune).

Rendered with Rothmans Livery

A second stage upgrade by RUF will bump it up to 830 PS (with enhanced VTG turbo chargers and a revised ECU mapping and transmission setting).

Interesting looking car indeed. I got a soft spot for Porsches, so I dig it. How much do I dig it? Enough to make me spend some time colouring it with my own interpretation of the Rothmans livery.

Specs are listed at the bottom in case you’re interested..


More pictures of the Marsien and the OG 959 for you to see:

The OG Dakar Rally Porsche 959 at the Porsche Museum
Marc Philipp Gemballa

Now for the details…


Length 4,714 mm
Width 2,050 mm
Height 1,450 mm
Ground Clearance 250 mm

Powertrain Specs & Performance

Engine 3.8-L flat-6 Twin Turbo
Displacement 3,745 cc
Max. Power 750 PS @ 7,000 rpm
Max. Torque 930 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
Transmission 8-speed DCT (PDK)
Drivetrain AWD (modified)
Fuel tank 67 litres
Max. Speed 335 km/h
0-100 km/h 2.6 s
0-200 km/h 7.8 s



Front brakes – 6-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers with 350 mm cross-drilled and internally vented brake discs​


Rear brakes – 4-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers with 350 mm cross-drilled and internally vented brake discs​




Front Suspension – Double Wishbone suspension with anti-roll bar

Rear Suspension – Multi-link suspension with anti-roll bar


– Also equipped with Hydraulic Lift system with a lift height of an additional 130 mm to the on road level to an off road ground clearance of 250 mm​​


Off-road wheel & tyre


Front wheel & tyre – 8.5J X 19 ET53, 235/55 ZR 19


Rear wheel & tyre – 9.0J X 20 ET 26, 255/55 ZR 20


Road wheel & tyre


Front wheel & tyre – 9.0J X 20 ET64, 255/35 ZR 20


Rear wheel & tyre – 12.0 J X 21 ET63, 315/30 ZR 21

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