Ora Good Cat GT launched in Thailand- from RM 160k, 171 PS, 250 Nm

Ora Good Cat GT launched in Thailand- from RM 160k, 171 PS, 250 Nm

The Ora Good Cat GT has been launched in Thailand, starting at a price of THB 1,286,000 (RM160,445). With the Ora Good Cat GT, the Ora Good Cat is now offered in a total of 4 variants.

Variant Price (Thai) RM (direct conversion)
GT 1,286,000 baht RM160,445
500 km Ultra 959,000 baht RM119,647
400 km Pro 828,500 baht RM103,366
400 km Tech 763,000 baht RM95,914

*Price after new excise tax

In honour of the ‘GT’ badge on the Ora Good Cat GT, its performance has been tuned up, producing 171 PS/250 Nm, as opposed to the normal 143 PS/210 Nm in other variants.

The battery capacity is same as that of the 500km ultra variant, rated at 63.139 kWh. Despite the performance increase, the NEDC range is still listed at 500 km for the Ora Good Cat GT.

On the outside, the Ora Good Cat GT features a sporty bumper, all-around plastic cladding, new 18-inch wheels, and a Spoiler with GT emblems, differentiating it from the regular Ora Good Cat.

On the inside, the seats and trims are adorned with red accents and “GT” embroideries.

Features of the Ora Good Cat GT and the Ora Good Cat 500km Ultra are largely the same, with the Ora Good Cat GT adding on several things:


  • Ventilation opening and closing system
  • Red brake calipers
  • A special welcome light (500 km Ultra has a different welcome light)
  • Hands-free tailgate system
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Aircon Monitoring System

Over in Malaysia, the Ora Good cat can be viewed at the Go Auto showroom in both RHD and LHD versions.  The car has been seen being driven along the federal highway several times, presumably undergoing road testing procedures.

'Normal' RHD Ora Good Cat in Malaysia

According to representatives  from Go Auto Sdn Bhd , the Ora Good Cat is expected to sell in Malaysia at a price ranging between RM 130,000 to RM 160,000. As for the GT variant, nothing has been heard of yet.

A dark green 'normal' RHD unit in Malaysia

Over in Thailand, the Ora Good Cat comes with a 5-year/150,000-km warranty and an 8-year EV battery warranty.

Ora Good Cat GT Ora Good Cat Honda HR-V
Length 4,254 mm 4,235 mm 4,334 mm
Width 1,848 mm 1,825 mm 1,772 mm
Height 1,596 mm 1,596 mm 1,605 mm
Ora Good Cat GT Ora Good Cat
(500km Ultra)
Ora Good Cat
(400km Tech, Pro)
Max. Power Output 171 PS 143 PS 143 PS
Max. Torque 250 Nm 210 Nm 210 Nm
Battery Capacity 63.139 kWh 63.139 kWh 47.788 kWh
Range (NEDC) 500 km 500 km 400 km
AC Charging 6.6 kW 6.6 kW 6.6 kW
AC Charging time
10 hours 10 hours 8 hours
DC Fast Charging 60 kW 60 kW 60 kW
DC Fast Charging time
40 min 40 min 32 min
DC Fast Charging time
60 min 60 min 46 min

The Ora Good Cat also gets a full suite of ADAS, just to top things off.

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