MCS Round 1 Race 1: Singaporean driver, Jonathan Xie proves his struggles are worth it

MCS Round 1 Race 1: Singaporean driver, Jonathan Xie proves his struggles are worth it

MCS Round 1 Race 1: Singaporean driver, Jonathan Xie proves his struggles are worth it

Jonathan Xie, Privateer team #17 from Touring Production (T) driving Honda Civic FD2R, won the season opener for the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) Round 1 Race 1 at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on 21 May 2022.

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He commented, “I’m very happy to be back at this circuit after two years of waiting for the borders to be opened. MCS was announced one and a half months ago. This year, the tires were way different from the last time we had in 2019. We couldn’t get enough information. The car was unpredictable and couldn’t get a consistent time. We are hoping for a better lap time tomorrow.

He added, “As a Singaporean, it is not easy for me to come here every two weeks just for training. I have sacrificed a lot for the preparations of this round. Neglected my wife, kids, families and work but the struggles are totally paid off.

Jonathan Xie in #17 Honda Civic FD2R

In Malaysian Touring Car (MTC), Mark Darwin and Nick Mah from Tedco Racing led the class in first place. Driving a Suzuki Swift from Hirev Dream Chaser, Mitchell Cheah and his partner, Brendan Anthony in second place while Hayden Haikal and Naquib Azlan from Wing Hin Motorsport in third place.

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Mark Darwin commented, “It was great to be partnering with Nick for this season. The race was really good for us, staying out of trouble and making sure we finished the race. The car is still in development for better performance in upcoming rounds.

Tedco Racing Suzuki Swift in foreground

Putera Adam, from R Engineering HMRT making his first debut in Stock Production 1 (SP1) for this season. The 16 years old makes an impressive start of the season as the class winner. Previous year, he was in Stock Production 2 (SP2) and managed to keep the momentum in the top three. His teammate, Farriz Fauzy became the runner-up while Javcob Lim and Keifli Othman from privateer team in third place.

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Putera Adam from R Engineering HMRT

Moving to SP2, Aiyub Azlee from Sitty Racing secured the 21 laps in first position leaving Shazull Hisham and Mohd Shahrizal in second position. Third place, Pee Sau Fan and his partner Ian Wong Jie Sern from DW Motorsport.

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Aiyub Azlee in #500 Sitty Racing Honda Jazz
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