Leaked: BMW i3 eDrive 35L is an electric BMW 3 series for China

Leaked: BMW i3 eDrive 35L is an electric BMW 3 series for China

Photos of an all-electric BMW 3 series have surfaced from the website of China’s Ministry Industry and Information Technology, supposedly named the BMW i3 eDrive 35L.

Yes, it does have the same name as the cutesy BMW i3 with thin wheels that was once available in the Malaysia market, but this is something totally different.

As opposed to the BMW i4 that is based on the G22 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, the China-specific BMW i3 is based on the G20 BMW 3 series.

These images do come as a surprise as BMW has not yet hinted on an all-electric version of the BMW 3 series. So far, BMW has announced that the BMW i7 (electric BMW 7 Series) and BMW iX1 (electric BMW X1) are due to debut next year and the BMW i5 (electric BMW 5 series) is due to debut in 2023.

The i3 name has been used on this cute little thing

Another surprise is that a gigantic kidney-grille has not been slapped on to the face of this all-electric BMW 3 series.

On the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s website, some basic technical details of the BMW i3 eDrive 35L are available such as its dimensions, weight, and a power output of 250 kW (339 PS).

BMW i3 eDrive 35L
Length 4,872 mm
Width 1,846 mm
Height 1,481 mm
Wheelbase 2,966 mm
Curb Weight 2,029 kg
Max. Power 250 kW (339 PS)
VIN LBV81BE0×××××××××

BMW is aiming to sell 2,000,000 purely-electric cars within the next two years and 10,000,000 in the next ten. As such its subsidiaries will be debuting pure-electric vehicles too soon like the all-electric MINI Countryman and all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre.

Upcoming BMW i7, an all-electric BMW 7 Series

BMW i3 eDrive 35L photos: miit.gov.cn

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