2023 BMW XM teased, less powerful 650PS/800Nm version to debut first

2023 BMW XM teased, less powerful 650PS/800Nm version to debut first

2023 BMW XM teased, less powerful 650PS/800Nm version to debut first

Images of the camouflaged  2023 BMW XM have been released by BMW, showing the upcoming M car undergoing driving dynamics testing.

Set to begin series production in December 2022 at the US BMW Group Spartanburg plant, the BMW XM will be the first of a few things for the German car brand.

  • First electrified M Car
  • First to feature 48-Volt Active Roll Comfort function
  • First to feature Integral Active Steering as standard

Not only will it be the first electrified M car, but it will also be the first BMW to be equipped with the 48-Volt Active Roll Comfort Function, which is an electromechanical roll stabilizing system

The 48-Volt Active Roll Comfort function reduces rolling movements due to uneven road surfaces on one side, and Aa the same time, it actively adjusts the body height on the corresponding side of the vehicle.

BMW XM test mule

Integral Active Steering is also part of the standard equipment of a BMW M automobile for the first time and promotes agility and cornering dynamics as well as driving stability when changing lanes.

BMW XM test mule

During the unveiling of the BMW XM Concept in November 2021, performance figures for the BMW XM were touted at 750PS/1000Nm. Hence the current new and lower figures released by BMW at 650 PS/800 Nm, suggest that a “non-competition” version of the BMW XM is set to debut first.

The BMW XM Concept promised 750 PS/1000Nm

According to BMW Blog, who have test driven the BMW XM, the hybrid M car will also feature a new 8-speed automatic ZF transmission.

Interior of BMW XM test mule
Interior of BMW XM COncept

Although the interior of the BMW XM test mule still remains heavily covered, it is obvious that extreme design cues from the concept version have been removed, like the aluminium bar on the center console, the hidden controls on the door trim, and the M-badge-like aircon vents.

The upcoming 2023 BMW XM will be equipped with a model-specific M brake system and the latest generation of the integrated brake system, as well as optional M light-alloy wheels up to 23 inches in size.

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